After a quasi-running hiatus (ie: around 10 miles per week) for seven weeks, I feel back and ready to go. The adductor tendon is healed, but I’m still having some discomfort from scar tissue and inflammation. My physio said that as long as it doesn’t feel worse when I run, or hurt afterwards, I’m safe to go for it – of course, in moderation.

Well, whoever invented moderation never met my mother-in-law. Hah. I jest. Well, actually, no I don’t. I spent this weekend with my in-laws and husband, which necessitated some mega-running. Stress relief, alone-time and fresh air were all necessities, and running was the solution. I rocked around 7-8 miles of river trail running on Friday and Saturday morning, and it definitely helped me deal with the MIL all weekend long. And while I “felt” my adductor, it didn’t give me pain after the run on Friday, and I woke up feeling good as new Saturday…thus, the second run. Woohoo!

Of course, I’m taking it slow – aiming for 20 miles this week, along with some low-impact training, weights and Pilates. My new routine is much more diverse, which will (I hope) prevent future injuries. I feel awesome, healthy, and I have some wicked abs now that I’m working with a trainer 2x a week! Sweet.

Oh, and I’m still doing the Ottawa 1/2 with my dad – though he says he might downgrade to the 10k. Sucker!

How did I forget to post for so long? Sheesh. I guess with not running for this last month, I let myself get lazy with my updates. Never again.

Anyways, as I wrote last time, I took a running hiatus – 1/2 self imposed and 1/2 forced, from an injury. It turned out to be a tear of the adductor tendon that connects to the pubic bone, so pretty painful (anytime bone is involved) and 6-8 weeks to totally heal. But the physiotherapist said it could happen to anyone, and was just a fluke with my alignment that particular day. What really freaked me was thinking I had stress fractured my pelvis – yikes! Thankfully, I didn’t, but a wise reminder to treat my body right and take enough rest days.

Since then, I’ve actually had a GREAT time with fitness and activity, because I started exploring all sorts of new things:

-I am a dedicated Pilates enthusiast. I love how specific and focused all the moves are, and it makes me feel strong and flexible. I go twice a week and think it’ll really help my running.

-I’ve been doing kick-ass weight training with a trainer who is also a boxer, so last week we boxed, which was awesome! I love waking up sore and feeling “worked” in new ways. Plus I feel crazy strong.

-I have embraced the elliptical. I’ve also learned that it is what it is, and it is not running. Instead of pushing myself to painful levels on it, I just break a sweat and enjoy myself, bopping along to the music. It is a great workout and a great way to x-train.

-I can take a day off, without worrying about “my mileage”…That means if I’m tired, or it doesn’t fit a busy day, it isn’t a big deal that I can’t work out. There are many, many more days ahead…a workout is an option, never a necessity.

This injury has actually been pretty amazing for me. For the first time, I didn’t fight it, or try to run through it. I actually just said “ok” and got on with it. I feel kinda proud of myself…So there you go. I’m back.

Here’s my story for the week. I was enjoying a planned 7 miler on Friday, and feeling good. Three miles in, I had to take a bathroom break…hopped off the ‘mill, did my thing, and then hopped back on and kicked it into high gear. Bam. My groin. The pain was pretty ruthless, so I cut the run short and headed home, a little freaked.

Since then, I’ve seen my physio and my orthopedist, who said “I really, really don’t think this is a stress fracture.” He thinks (as does the physio) that I just did a nice number on my pelvic muscles, from stopping the run and then kicking back so quickly – probably gave them a wicked spasm or something.

Whether this is a mild injury or a more serious one, it’s making me give my running some serious reconsideration. I love to run – yes. But I also love to be active in a more general and varied way – walking, Pilates, yoga, biking, boxing – and I get upset when running interferes with that other stuff…either I’m too tired, or sore, or injured…Blah!

Anyways, I’m taking a good week off. I’ve earned it, my body wants it, and I’m going to try to enjoy it. Whatever the diagnosis ends up being, I think the running will take a back seat to some new sports for awhile! Peace.



Word to Aretha Franklin! I employed the soulful songstresses title to my running this week, with wonderful results. I am learning, slowly and surely, how to respect my body and my limits, and be in tune with how I’m feeling on a given day.

Basically, my goal for the week was to do the ususal 45 miles, but to be more conscious of “recovery runs”, “regular runs” and then the very-special, once-a-week, “training run”…This week, I didn’t do a long run, but I did a tough interval speed workout on Thursday. I sandwiched that between two legitimately slower runs, and filled out the week with “average” paced workouts. The result? Today, on my rest day, my legs feel fresh…when I stretch, I don’t feel agonizing stiffness. I actually feel loose and flexible, which is hardly characteristic of “a runner’s legs”!

I can remember, two years ago – I was running 30 miles a week and could barely touch my toes. Now, with proper nutrition, training and rest, I’m running 45, enjoy tons of walking and Pilates (and food!) and I’m flexible and fit…Woo hoo for taking care of yourself!

Got a long run planned for tomorrow…hope to hit 10 miles.

Today’s run – a zippy 7.5 miles indoors, feeling good post-illness (and don’t fret, I did give myself four days off and two days of “I am antsy rah rah rah” before I got back out there). My left Iliopsoas gets a little sore every now and again, never on a run, but the day after, and today she was saying hello. But nothing to worry about, I don’t think.

Anyway, not the point. The point is potatoes. My nutritionist, who is awesome, suggests that I try out

Mine was similar, but more chili!

Mine was similar, but more chili!

foods I rarely eat, just to mix it up and reacquaint myself with old favorites, new favorites, and whatnot. This week, I’m all up-on-potatoes. Tonight, I enjoyed a baked potato with veggie chili and avocado on top. Tomorrow, I may mash a few suckers! I was also enthused by this recipe. And for those who scoff at the nutritional value of a potato:

-These tubers are high in carbohydates, so great fuel for runners.

-A medium potato with the skin provides 27 mg of vitamin C (45% of the Daily Value) and 620 mg of potassium (18% of DV).

-According to Wikipedia, humans can subsist on a diet of potatoes and milk. Lucky us!

On a “P” note: playlists. What is everyone listening to lately on their runs? I need some new music. I’ve been all over The Veronicas, Cake (“The Distance”) and some Kanye.

I had intended/planned for a taper week (you know, the adage “cut 20 percent every three weeks to stay injury free”…I suck at that adage). Well, four days in and things did not look promising. I was feeling great, eergetic, and so on, and my runs kept edging up by a few miles. It looked like I might even hit the usual 40 or 45, instead of the planned 30 or 35.

…Not so fast. On Friday night, at 3:01 a.m., I had an up-close-and-personal visit with the toilet at the hotel where my husband and I were staying on our weekend away (romance! totally!). Anyway, I proceeded to spend the next two days (literally) in bed. I did not eat. I did not drink. I puked. I did not run.

So, even though I feel like %$*&, at least I had a real taper week, got a lot of sleep and rested my legs…right? Here’s to a better week, although I may nix runs for the next few days, to get my hydration and calories back up.

Anyone have any advice? How long do you take off for illness?

A dude in the socks

A dude in the socks

Aha, my first product review! In the past few weeks, I’ve purchased a few tools in an effort to improve my running and stay injury-free. I’ve been over 40 miles for two months now (which reminds me that it’s well past time for me to cut back by 20% for a week – so, the goal next week is 30-35 miles with some low impact cross training thrown in), so I wondered about methods of injury prevention beyond stretching, massage and baths.

This curiosity led me to OxySox: these are knee-high compression socks that the company claims will reduce leg fatigue, improve circulation and elevate your performance. After reading one online post in which a 100+ mile/week runner claimed the socks had prevented him from getting stress fractures for two years (after suffering from eight), I was sold.

Anyways, I shelled out $20 for a pair and have been running in them for over a week now. And? Tough to say. They’re comfortable socks, no blisters, and my runs feel good. Have I started kicking out 6 minute miles all of a sudden? Well, no. Do I still feel stiff and need to stretch? Yup. Am I terrified that if I stop wearing them, I’ll injure myself? Absolutely.

And there you have it – I was injury-free before OxySox, and now, I’m injury-free with OxySox…I’m also extremely paranoid and $20 in the hole. I guess to properly review these, I’d need some scientist to measure the circulation levels in my legs as I ran, or something. All I can say is that if you want a psychological boost that you’re doing all you can to avoid injury, these are the sock for you!